Cult Argentinian swimwear brand Isla de Lobos has left the shores of South America to show the rest of the world that swimwear can be both rebellious and responsible.

Our fabrics are exclusively developed by world leading quality producers and we work them specially to achieve a perfect fit and better support, thus achieving durable products that fit well in the real bodies of nowadays women.

For us, the final product is just as important as the path followed to get there. The driving force that keeps us going every day is the idea that we are not only making high-quality products, but also by making them we are contributing to a make better world.


Currently, over 60% of the materials we use come from fishnets and plastic bottles collected from our oceans and shores worldwide. Therefore, each purchase you make from Isla de Lobos actively contributes to keep cleaning our seas (more info about our ethics and sustainability here . )

Sofía, the founder of Isla de Lobos, trained in London. He studied for a degree and then studied a Master at the
prestigious Central Saint Martins.

Thirteen years later, Sofia returned to her home and created Isla de Lobos as a tribute to the beaches of Punta del Este in Uruguay, where she grew up. Isla de Lobos is now available worldwide for those who want the latest cult label without the planet paying the price.


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